Best Pay Per Head Sites

Maybe you already have a handful of players, some of which might include your buddies at the favorite watering hole or even friends from work. Possibly you have a thriving, well-established, book-making business going, but you need help managing your players and time, most importantly; you want to make big money this year.
There are a couple of the leading Pay Per Head service providers in the industry. They come in with great reviews for top notch customer service and honesty. Check them out and most of all, make tons of money this year. It’s your money, watch it grow.

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What are the advantages of a Pay Per Head service?

It’s a great question and all inspiring bookies, as well as existing bookies looking to bolster profits with minimum hassle, must look at the can’t miss check list.
What Pay Per Heads really do:

  • Provide a full, real time sports book with all the major sports as well as a vast list of lesser known sports.
  • A full racebook.
  • A full casino with all of today’s popular casino games along with an option for live gaming.
  • Full wagering options that include, props, quarters, halves, parlays, teasers, special teasers, live wagering, dynamic wagering and much, much more.
  • Accounting; the days of hand writing tickets are over, grading; remember all those late nights spent grading tickets after a college football Saturday? With a Pay Per Head, your grading and accounting worries are over.
  • A state of the art platform that both you the bookie and your clients will love.
  • Live customer service. A toll-free number that your client can call, and get live help with whatever questions or concerns they have.
  • Low cost to the bookie. Pay Per Head services usually start in the $10 per head range—what does this mean? For every player that you have, you pay a price per head, if you have 25 players, and you pay say $10 per head, then you are paying $250 per month. You only pay for a player that plays, once he makes his first bet, you pay. He can make an unlimited number of bets for the same low fee per month. They offer phone betting as an option to your players as well, for slightly extra.
  • Easy to get started. You can get started quickly and easily. You do not need a huge bankroll or hundreds of thousands in the bank. Virtually anyone with a little gambling experience can do this. Many of the well-established pay Per Head services available on line; do not charge a deposit.

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You really have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. Operating your own sportsbook has never been easier and with the technology available today; why wouldn’t you do it? Why not have Las Vegas style gaming action available to your clients? They will love it and so will you.
There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend umpteen hours grading tickets until 3.00 am on a Saturday night so that you can pay your customers. Keeping up with your clients demands, accounting and wagering has never been easier.